We're hosting our first Women's Open mat!

We are very excited to announce The Winchester Jiu Jitsu Academy's first women's open mat! This event blends instruction from local female brown belts, rolling, and giveaways. Admission is FREE and all women are encouraged to attend regardless of experience or academy affiliation. The academy has a full women's locker room and shower. Come join us for a fun afternoon of jiu jitsu and camaraderie!

Guest Instructors:
Brown belt Becky Bringham of Trident Academy
Brown belt Maggie Ghamry of Disciple MMA Academy

Tentative Schedule:
12:00 - Introductions and Warm-up
12:20 - Instruction
1:00 - Rolling
1:50 - Giveaway Announcements

This event boasts a team of awesome sponsors that support women's jiu jitsu and are donating items for our giveaways. Be sure to RSVP and arrive at least 10 minutes early to get your name in the drawing! 


ONDA Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a "beach, island and travel inspired" brand is donating one of their newest gis to be awarded to a lucky winner. Check out Jökulsárlón, the stunning gi that says pressure does indeed make diamonds. 


LUX&CO NYC, a sensational BJJ brand that boasts attractive and quality gear, has donated gis and rashguards toward our giveaways.


War Tribe offers a huge range of women's gis, and one lucky winner will go home with a gi of her choosing!


Kozamurai Apparel provides fun, bright graphics in their designs and has donated some of their colorful rashguards to support women's jiu jitsu!


E Nois Clothing, a jiu jitsu brand described as "raw, subtle and craft quality", has donated a few of their women's tank tops to our event.