In November of 2014, our academy received news that our professor of 11 years, George Wehby, had decided to relocate out of state and that he would most likely be closing the school. Two of his principal students, Bob Gibson and Jeffery Buettner, not wanting to lose their gym, decided to go in as partners and take over the school in his absence. Thus, Winchester Jiu Jitsu Academy was born. We opened our doors in December 2014 and since then, have continually strived to offer the best instruction of both Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and the Mixed Martial Arts.


Love this place!!! My son has been coming here for almost a year. He loves taking MMA and BJJ. Coach Steve has made them both fun, and is amazing with the kids. The atmosphere is laid back, and the classes are informative. The staff and people who attend classes are amazingly nice and supportive of each other. You’re not only gaining knowledge, you’re gaining more family.
— Tara Cooper

About Us

          We are a locally owned and operated academy serving the Northern Shenandoah Valley since 2004. We are affiliated with Tony Passos- Team Passos Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Sterling, VA and MMA Institute of Virginia.

Mission Statement

          Our mission is to create a martial arts curriculum that challenges our members both mentally and physically.  Our goal is to work closely with each individual member and customize a program to meet each of their unique needs, so that they can reach their peak physical fitness and personal goals.  We will create a positive and fun learning environment that combines cutting edge instruction with interactive training and sparring and provide real assessments and feedback on a regular basis.